Saturday, November 17, 2012


After the fairy totally disrupted chem lab I thought some pictures of the teacher might be interesting.   You can read about it on my main blog at

  This is Ms. Weaverspell, my chemistry teacher.  I don't know how she missed seeing the fairy when Bonnie was flying all about in her class.

   The fairy made a big mess of the lab trying to collect chemicals and me trying to distract everyone from seeing her.  Then the fairy dumped powder all over Ms. Weaverspell so she could follow Madison and I out of the lab and not be seen.

  This is Coach Timmons, I just thought you might appreciate seeing the type of football coaching we have to put up with at my high school.  It's all for fun though.  And we have won some games.  And I do get to play a lot.

   This is Brother Abernorth, my scripture study teacher.  He loves the old testament and seems to think everyone loves hearing all about it.

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