Sunday, November 4, 2012

Madison's family

I have a couple more pictures of the fairy I caught when she wasn't paying attention.  Also I'm putting up some pictures of Madison's odd family which I thought people might be interested in after my last visit - described in my main blog:


This is Madison.  She saw the fairy that first night when I captured the fairy.  It was out in the woods behind Madison's house in fact.  Madison keeps trying to convince me I should let the fairy go.  It doesn't bother me, I've told Madison to mind her own business.  If only she would.

Oldest sister Ashley.

Next sister Lisa.  She knows my brother Brian from school and church.  Brian seems to have a thing for her, which she apparently doesn't appreciate.
This is Hannah.  The weirdest of the bunch.  Seems to have an obsession with snakes.

Nicole.  There are too many girls in this family.

Amie, a toddler which they seem to let wander around at will.  She was with the fairy when I found it.

Madison's dad.  He's in the Bishopric at church.


Madison's mom.


 They have a dog, Hunter, which barks at me any time I come near their house.  So annoying.

  Cat named Smoke.  I don't like cats.


  They also have a parrot named Long John Silver, which is way cool.

  Hannah's boa, which she calls Slytherin.
Note:  The pictures I put up on this blog (except for the fairy pictures) are representative notional pictures only, which I found on the internet.  I picked them to give you an example of what the people I have to deal with are like, more for their impression than their exact likeness.  Names have been changes to protect identities.  Any similarity to actual people is merely coincidental.  However the fairy pictures are real.

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