Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Though you might want to see what the Ungers look like since they're causing so much trouble.  You can abut it at my main blog:

This is Max Unger who lives next door.  He's out to get my mom and is not a nice man. 

This is his wife Louise Unger.  She's a little strange and seems to think she still lives in the 60's.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More fairy pictures

I'm posting some old pictures I found of the fairy which I took a few days after her capture before I was letting her out of the hamster cage.  Now she's quite friendly but at first I was afraid she would fly away.  I'm posting an account at my main blog:

I don't have any more current pictures and she has forbidden me to take her picture.  I will honor my promise to her but these I already had.

Friday, November 30, 2012


I recently posted a narrative on some of the strange events going on at church and school with the fairy and so I thought some pictures of friends might be of interest.  The fairy is still with me and the pictures of the fairy are real.  You can read the full story at my main blog at

  Madison Renard, who wants me to let the fairy go, and keeps insisting I shouldn't be keeping the fairy.  She's been trying her best to make me feel bad but only succeeds in getting herself upsetting.  She needs to loosen up, but I know she's not going too, not Madison.

Westley Fench, my best friend.  He's seen the fairy and is helping me keep her hidden.  He thinks it's great.  He won't give us away, although he does let Madison get under his skin.

  Ramiro Vasquez, a friend from church.  He's cool.  He and his sister are into Taekwondo.

  Tim Morrison, another friend from church.  He would give you the shirt off his back if you asked.  I have a suspicion Westley may have shown him the fairy.  He's good.  He won't give us away.

  These are my Samoan buddies.  They play football with me and are on the front line.  With them opening up holes in the defense it'd be impossible not to be a great running back.  They go to my church too.

  Jessica Boxer, one of Madison's friend's from church.  She thinks she's tough but she's not.  She has a scarcastic sense of humor.

  Sarah Holmes, another friend from church.  Has more common sense than any of the other girls, which isn't necessarily saying a lot.

  Marie Vasquez, also from church.  She's Ramiro's sister and she is tough.  Wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley, even if she does like short skirts.  She's my lab partner in chem. lab and the fairy spilled chemicals on her that one day I took the fairy to school. 

  Natalie Landers and Tosha Abby, the last of Madison's friends from church.  They might as well still be in junior high the way they carry on.  Didn't they ever read in the scriptures not to gossip.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


After the fairy totally disrupted chem lab I thought some pictures of the teacher might be interesting.   You can read about it on my main blog at

  This is Ms. Weaverspell, my chemistry teacher.  I don't know how she missed seeing the fairy when Bonnie was flying all about in her class.

   The fairy made a big mess of the lab trying to collect chemicals and me trying to distract everyone from seeing her.  Then the fairy dumped powder all over Ms. Weaverspell so she could follow Madison and I out of the lab and not be seen.

  This is Coach Timmons, I just thought you might appreciate seeing the type of football coaching we have to put up with at my high school.  It's all for fun though.  And we have won some games.  And I do get to play a lot.

   This is Brother Abernorth, my scripture study teacher.  He loves the old testament and seems to think everyone loves hearing all about it.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My family

I thought I since I put up some pictures of Madison's family that I should do the same for mine.  Although I don't have a big family like Madison.  Visit my blog at

  This is my brother Brian.

  You've seen pictures of me before, I just though I should include myself in this post.

  My mom.  She's not well, but she takes care of us.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Madison's family

I have a couple more pictures of the fairy I caught when she wasn't paying attention.  Also I'm putting up some pictures of Madison's odd family which I thought people might be interested in after my last visit - described in my main blog:


This is Madison.  She saw the fairy that first night when I captured the fairy.  It was out in the woods behind Madison's house in fact.  Madison keeps trying to convince me I should let the fairy go.  It doesn't bother me, I've told Madison to mind her own business.  If only she would.

Oldest sister Ashley.

Next sister Lisa.  She knows my brother Brian from school and church.  Brian seems to have a thing for her, which she apparently doesn't appreciate.
This is Hannah.  The weirdest of the bunch.  Seems to have an obsession with snakes.

Nicole.  There are too many girls in this family.

Amie, a toddler which they seem to let wander around at will.  She was with the fairy when I found it.

Madison's dad.  He's in the Bishopric at church.


Madison's mom.


 They have a dog, Hunter, which barks at me any time I come near their house.  So annoying.

  Cat named Smoke.  I don't like cats.


  They also have a parrot named Long John Silver, which is way cool.

  Hannah's boa, which she calls Slytherin.
Note:  The pictures I put up on this blog (except for the fairy pictures) are representative notional pictures only, which I found on the internet.  I picked them to give you an example of what the people I have to deal with are like, more for their impression than their exact likeness.  Names have been changes to protect identities.  Any similarity to actual people is merely coincidental.  However the fairy pictures are real.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Captive Fairy Pictures

For the story of how I captured the fairy and some of the strange events we've been experiencing visit my main blog at


It's really hard to get pictures of the fairy and when I do they always turn out blurry, way worse than this one, which isn't very good at all.  Every time I get out the camera the fairy gets all excited and distraught and I'm trying to win her trust so the last thing I want to do is upset the fairy.  I do not want her to fly away, and will not risk scaring her.

She's not human, she's a magical creature and is physically not as substantially solid as us, more ethereal by nature, and I think that's why light doesn't reflect as well and pictures turn out blurry, especially her limbs.  Her wings are gossamer and don't show up in photos at all, but here she had them curled on her back anyway.

See a full description on my other Blog.

 This is me, Michael Rigdon.  I'm the one that caught the fairy and currently have her at my house.

This is Westley Fench.  He and I are best friends.  He's seen the fairy and he's helping me figure out what to do with her.

This is Madison Renard.  Unfortunately she's see the fairy too and won't mind her own business